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Welcome To Our New Site!

North Shore Rescue Squad is happy to announce our new website! For your convenience, there are easily accessible tabs to help you understand a little more about our organization as well as our Dedication and Commitment to the Staten Island Community.  So Please take a look around !! 

P.S- This website is still under minor construction and will be up and fully operational shortly . Thank You

                                               9/11 Tribute 

Many of our Members were either in downtown Manhattan when the Towers of the World Trade Center collapsed, or responded to the emergency immediately thereafter . There are others who for weeks after this tragic day continued going back to "Ground Zero" day after day to man aid stations and help with the Rescue efforts . 

     The Staten Island Community was deeply wounded by the events of that fateful day. Wether we lost Family or Friends, Neighbors or Co-Workers, we were all affected in a profoundly personal way . 

     North Shore Rescue would like you to send out or deepest condolences to the Family members who may have lost someone on this tragic day 14 years ago. Those we have lost Will Never be Forgotten . and to all the Fallen First Responders.

         "Rest Easy We Got it From Here"